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ZYTO is like a sonar for the body. After placing a hand on the handle cradle, extremely low amounts of electricity are continuously sent through your palm.(Most people cannot even feel it.) Internal organs react unconsciously, no amount of tensing or flexing can "will" a change.

Take for example, a healthy lung vs. someone who has been smoking for years. Each will have a different resistance and reaction, which is readable, when the current travels back to the hand cradle. Painting an image, just as a sonar would.

Emotions will also be picked up during the scan, which is extremely interesting. But more importantly it is relevant. We live through our emotions as well as each emotion is tied directly to a specific organ.

It's important to note that: ZYTO scan will read you exactly as you are in that moment. Please keep in mind that if you didn't get any sleep or are jet lagged, it will show in the results. It's not to be mistaken as your "norm". THC is also at a high risk of masking a lot from the scan.

ZYTO at Natural Remedes is just a tool we use to help, at no point during the consult will your doctor make decisions based on the scan alone.

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