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Just found us or maybe it's your first time with a Naturopathic Doctor? You may be asking yourself questions that many before you have thought as well. Don't worry, this page is going to walk you through the entire process involved in your first visit!

After making your appointment online or by phone, you will receive an email from "", inside will be an option to fill out your appointment paperwork ahead of time. (Don't forget to check your spam!) If you decide to fill out the forms in person you are more than welcome to! We do advise coming 20 minutes early to your appointment as it can take about that long to fill them out.

You will receive a separate email to remind you of your appointment 2 days before your appointment, a text the day before as well as a phone call the day before if you have not confirmed your appointment at that time.

Be sure to bring your supplements/prescriptions/over-the counter medications with you so the doctor can see what is inside and try to work with what you already have.(this same reminder will be hi-lighted in yellow in initial email received by us).


 After arriving to your appointment, you will be greeted by our staff and given paperwork to fill out. If you have already filled them out online, we will only be requiring signatures on a couple forms. Those of you who printed out and brought with, will not have to worry about that.

Our staff will take you into a separate room to take your vitals. (Height/Weight/Temperature/Blood Pressure/Pulse) 


Afterwards, we will run a non-invasive scan that takes 6-8 minutes. All that is required of you is to be comfortable and keep your hand on the device. 

After printing out your scan results as soon as they finish you will either be guided to your Doctor's office or asked to wait in the lobby if they are still in a consultation with someone else at that time. Water is available to you in the lobby.

Your doctor will go over your scan with you as well as ask you questions about what you have filled out. You will be asked things about your personal life such as stressors and your routine. This is how holistic medicine works! We use all aspects of your life to help you out in every aspect we can, not just what you came in for.

After your consult, the doctor will take you to the manager's office to finalize your visit. She will prepare any supplements or homeopathics you may be purchasing with us, answering any questions you have as well as scheduling your follow up visit.

You're all done! Not so scary anymore, right?

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